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Dance Supplies

Melba’s carries the largest dance supply selection in South Texas. Stop by our store at 2100 N. 10thStreet in McAllen, Texas or call 956-686-1411.

Shoes: pointe, ballet, tap, jazz, jazz sneakers (We provide professional fitting.)

  • Leotards

  • Tights

  • Jazz Pants

  • Dance Bags

  • Flamenco Skirts & Shoes

  • Drill Team Apparel

  • University of Texas Pan American: apparel & shoes

For shoes, come in and see Delilah, affectionately known as the "best in the West" dance shoe fitter.

Dance Shoe Fitting by Delilah Alviar

My name is Delilah, and I can be considered a household name at Melba's School of Dance. I am proud to announce that this past July I completed 12 years of work at the studio. As a mother of three boys, it was such a joy to work in an environment surrounded by young girls with dreams of becoming beautiful ballerinas. I almost immediately fell in love with helping these precious toddlers pick out their dance outfits and accessories. With all this experience under my belt, I have truly become an expert in my field.

One of my many duties at Melba's includes fitting dance shoes. My favorite group to fit are the "first-time dancers" that are usually just three years old. It is so fun to see the excitement and big smiles from the toddlers getting their first pair of ballet and tap shoes. We have seen everything from grandparents, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters all come to be a part of the purchasing of the first dance shoes.

Here at Melba's we have a shoe fitting station made up of a platform and steps. It was intended to fit children's shoes, but, believe it or not, we have had adults sit up there to fit for shoes. Most say they remember sitting there when they were kids and want to recall the memory. It is always nice to have a second or even third generation Melba's student walk in for a dance shoe. Additionally, I believe our platform makes it easier to get a great fit because we don't have to bend down. When the foot is within arm's reach, we are able to be more accurate in fitting.

Shoe fitting is very important to us here at Melba's. I make sure to inform the customer that if the shoes do not fit properly, there will definitely be blisters. Most people do not realize that a big shoe is just as counterproductive as a small shoe. The perfect fit is essential for effective dance training.

Pointe shoes are the most challenging of all the shoes to fit. Each pointe shoe is handmade, so it is important to always try on both feet. Pointe shoes are very diverse and every girl wears something a little different. Fitting a first-time pointe student is the most challenging. I have to determine, based on foot shape, which shoe will be the best for her. Also, there are different kinds of toe pads which will affect the sizing of the shoe. The toe pad can either be thick or thin depending on its material. Once the toe pad and pointe shoe are selected, we are all set. It is a tedious process of trial and error, but I always find the perfect option.

I would have to say that the Melba's customer is the reason I have enjoyed this retail store for a decade. They are always so friendly and patient. Many have interesting stories to tell of their Melba's experience and enjoy watching their daughter follow in their footsteps. It is nice to hear our customers thank us for the time and care we put into fitting shoes or helping with dance wear, but most of all, it is nice to see them return again and again for the "Melba's service" and wide selection.

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