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Preschool Dance

Preschool Dance is divided into three levels - K3, K4 and Kinder. The dance section is an imaginative introduction to ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop using movement and rhythm to learn basic dance schools. Aside from dance, these programs teach social skills like taking turns and sharing, as well as reinforcing important values in the home such as good manners and kindness. Additional electives in the preschool age groups include Ballet Folklorico and Bollywood. 

Toddler Dance

Toddler Dance is divided into two groups - Mommy & Me and Dancin’ Tots. “Mommy & Me” is the perfect opportunity for your child to begin their dance experience. You will help your child develop basic mental motor skills, musical rhythm and timing, flexibility, as well as introducing your little one to a structured learning environment. Mommy and Me isn’t just for Moms. Dads are welcome too! Ages 20 months to 2 years 4 months. “Dancin’ Tots” will being their first journey into dance instruction. They will begin to learn the fundamentals of ballet, which include mobility training and basic ballet skills. They will also do beginning tap, which will not only help them with coordination, but will also help them develop musical rhythm and timing. Ages 2 1/2 years - 3 years.


We have 11 levels of ballet ranging from early developmental levels to older beginner to advanced pointe levels. Our advanced groups perform classical ballets every spring. 


Jazz courses are taught in a range of styles such as traditional jazz, lyrical, contemporary and musical theatre. We have 11 sections from older beginner students to advanced students. 


Tap dance is unique because it is a unique subject where the student becomes a dancer and a musician all at once. Our tap classes are taught in rhythm tap, improvisation and musical theatre tap.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes are based off of street and commercial style dancing. Classes are offered from preschool to advanced levels. Boys only hip hop courses are offered as well. 

Ballet Folklorico

Traditional Mexican dances that emphasize local folk culture with ballet characteristics. Classes are offered from preschool to advanced levels. 

Competitive Dance

Competitive dance takes dance from art to sport. Our competitive dancers compete in jazz styles, contemporary, hip hop and tap.

Adult Dance

Melba’s offers a variety of adult dance classes. Classes are offered in Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Flamenco and Belly Dance. 


The popularization and modernization of traditional Indian dancing. Courses offered for toddlers and preschoolers.

McAllen Dance Theatre Performing Company

Melba’s performing company, McAllen Dance Theatre, has been performing for 50 years. Every February, Melba’s Company members put on a variety show which includes excerpts from classical ballets, jazz, tap and other styles. 

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