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At Melba’s Dance Studio, our hip hop dance classes focus on grooving to the beat of the music and having a good time. Students are exposed to all types of hip hop music and dance ranging from krumping and hyphy moves, to breaking and “pop and lock” moves.

Gaining an understanding of musicality and rhythm is very essential to dancers, and therefore we strive to create our hip hop curriculum based on those essentials. Most importantly, students have the opportunity to express their creativity and knowledge of hip hop by creating their own combinations and moves to benefit their choreography talents. This also helps our students open up and convey their wonderful personalities through dance.

Hip hop is a very trendy, hip form of dance, and some of the music used can be improper and offensive. It is very important that our teachers only use clean, fun music that is appropriate for the students to hear. Music is very influential, and we want our students to understand good taste and decency.

Our facilities at Melba’s Dance Studio greatly exceed most expectations. We provide a massive third floor dance room that is also equipped with a huge exercise mat which enables the students to practice difficult moves such as stalls without causing injury.

Our main goals each year are to learn creative routines for performance and to gain knowledge of all forms of hip hop dancing. Most importantly, we strive to impart to our students a love and passion for dancing and having fun.


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